What is covered by the warranty?

Make sure you understand what is covered by the warranty, and how long the warranty lasts. If you are looking at a model with batteries, make sure you inquire about the warranty on the replacement of the batteries.

How long does it take to get service?

A warranty is important, but it is also important to know how long it takes to get an item repaired under the warranty. A stair lift typically  becomes a critical tool in your home, it may not be acceptible to have it down for a week waiting on repairs. Make sure that any promises a sales person makes are in writing, most sales people will tell you anything you want to hear.

What needs to be regularly serviced?

There may be some items that require regular service to keep the warranty valid. Tracks may need to be greased or batteries may need to be replaced. Just like a car you need to understand required maintenance and what needs to be done by trained service professionals.

Will an outlet need to be installed?

You will need an adequate power source near the stair lift. In most newer homes this is usually not a problem. Older homes may need a new outlet installed. It is also important to verify that the outlet provides the correct voltage for the stair lift.

How long will it take to be installed?

Some stairways require curved stair lifts, stair lifts with custom built rails/tracks. It may take a week or more to build custom rails. Straight stair lifts are easier to install and can usually be installed within days or within a week.

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