Many of us use stairs daily without a thought. But for those who struggle with walking or have poor balance, the stairs can be seen as an unwelcome challenge. Many serious injuries arise on the stairs. To help prevent these accidents, many people use stair lifts.

Stair lifts are medical lifting devices that were first developed in the 1920’s. They are designed to carry a person up or down a staircase to help reduce the risk of falls

Today, the most frequently used stair lift is the stair chair or seated stair lift. A stair chair implements a chair that the user can sit in. The user is then moved up or down the staircase while seated. The stair chair will often include a seat belt, and sometimes a chest restraint. These options make use by caregivers a snap, and are the best option for someone who has little use of their legs.

The perch lift is another type of stair lift, which implements a small platform for the occupant to stand on. This allos the user to stand while moving up or down the stairs. This type of stair lift requires good balance. Often a medical condition such as knee replacement surgery, will make using a stair chair impossible. In these cases, a perch lift would be a better choice.

Those that use stair chairs or perch lifts are able to reduce the risk of a fall. The stair chair is the safest choice, but the perch lift also reduces the risk of a fall.

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