Stair lifts are a big purchase, you want to choose the right one.

The first question to answer is what type of stairway you are going to have it installed on. Most stairways fall in to one of two categories: straight and curved.

Both types, curved and straight, are similar in the following attributes. Both use a track system that typically mounts to the stairs, not the wall.

Straight stair lifts travel on a single track and are designed for a continuous flight of stairs. Straight stair lifts are cheaper but they may only work on simple stairways. Straight stair lifts may not be the best option if the angle at the top results in in the chair sitting at an unusable angle. A straight stair lift is also not the best option for stairways with multiple sections but it is easier and faster to install.

Curved stair lifts are designed for more complex stairways; Stairways that include bends, odd angles, and multiple flights. These types of stair lifts are typically more expensive than their straight counterpart. Curved stair lifts are more complex and time consuming to install.

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