When purchasing a stairlift you will need to know some basic measurements. Stair width, length the lift will need to cross and the fact that lifts will extend an additional. The average stairwell width is about 36 inches; the average chair lift utilizes about 14 inches of space on the stairs.

When the seat and footrest are in use, the unit can stick out as much as 26 inches. The average stairlift length (referred to as the track) is approximately 24 feet. You must also accommodate the extra 6 inches above the landing and 14 inches below the last step.  If you have a doorway or entrance in the space needed above or below the stairs not to worry. You can purchase a folding track the final section of the track may be hinged so that it can be lifted vertically by hand.

If you cannot move the track out of the way you can have a final section of the track that will fold or unfold automatically as the stair lift ascends or descends the stairs.  When adding the additional folding track it would also be advisable to make sure that your lifts chair is also able to fold, giving access to the stairway and or entrance to all.

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