Although the most common use for stair lifts are used indoors some locations have amazing seating and viewing areas that are only accessible by stairs; by adding an outdoor stairlift to these areas it will allow access by all individuals.

The outdoor stair lifts have the same components as indoor lifts; power, seating, controls, chair, drive and the track. Since the outdoor stairlift will be exposed to the elements a few things should be done to take precautions.

Vinyl seat versus a fabric seat is a must, also the chasis should be sealed to avoid any damage. When riders are not using the lift the seat should be covered for extra protection against any weather elements.

Another consideration is to make sure you purchase a folding seat so that others who do not need to use the lift can access the stairs.  In this situation the controls should be wireless so that the lift can only be used when needed.

With the addition of your outdoor stairlift everyone will be able to enjoy scenic views and family events.

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