Stair lifts are a great way to gain full access to your entire home again.  Some buyers may have problems bending due to hip or knee pain and for these buyers a stair chair lift will not work.

A standing lift, also known as a platform lift or perch lift, is the better option. Here we have important information you should know about perch lifts.

Both Acorn and Meditek make perch stair lifts that also have a folding seat. A Perch lift with an optional seat is probably the best choice as the optional seat is beneficial during times when it is painful to sit but necessary.

The biggest caveat to perch lifts is the weight capacity, most units have a maximium weight capacity of 220lb or 99kg.

Another item of  note about perch lifts is their price. Perch lifts are roughly twice the cost of a standard chair lift.

A perch lift is an option if you need it.  You will find a larger selection of chair lifts to choose from, should you decide that a chair lift is suitable.

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