Stair lifts are expensive, they can run $1500-$6000 with installation costs. Fortunately there are alternatives for those who only need a stair lift for temporary reasons (IE: post surgery, short term care for a relative, etc).

Most rental companies will only offer stair lifts for straight stair cases. You will need to buy a stair lift if you require a curved stair lift.

Prices depend on the dealer and the duration of your use. Expect to pay installation and removal charges on top of the monthly rate.

Be prepared before calling for quotes. Measure the distance of your stairway and measure the distance in feet to the nearest outlet from your stair case.

Most local stair lift dealers offer stair lift rentals. Not all of them advertise the service, since they would rather sell you stair lift. Call around to find out if any of your local dealers offer rentals.

Can’t afford to pay retail for a new stair lift? Read this article on cheap stair lifts.

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