Unsure if you should purchase a battery powered stair lift?

Battery powered stair lifts have become popular, for good reason. Battery powered stair lifts can be easier on your electric bill.  Battery powered stair lifts have the advantage of operating when there is no electricity. Lifts powered by batteries tend to have a smoother acceleration and deceleration.

As with most things, there are pros and cons. The downside of battery operated stair lifts is the cost associated with replacing the batteries yearly or every other year depending upon the manufactures suggested maintenance schedule. Battery prices can range from $50-100.  The lift may also become unusable if the looses its charge. There is no need to worry about the battery charge if the battery is replaced according to the manufacturers maintenance schedule.

Do you have to plug in the charger after using the lift?

Some buyers have a misconception that battery operated require the operator to plug in a charger after every use, this is not the case.  Battery powered stair lifts stay plugged in, there is no need to unplug them. The lift battery is typically charged using contact points in specific positions (top & base) on the lift track. It is important to keep the stair lift plugged in and ensure the outlet has not tripped a breaker. Most models have a charging light (LED) that shows if the charger has electricity,  some models have audible alarms that sound if the lift is unplugged.

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