Stair lifts prices are dropping exceedingly as more and more people are realizing the benefits of stair lifts. There are many types of stair lifts, from the basic models to deluxe model with many additional features. If you can’t afford to purchase a stair lift, many stair lift companies are equipped with stair lift rental service. It is much more affordable and the cost of installation and warranty is already accounted for.

When researching the prices, you need to know the type of stair lifts you are going to purchase or rent. It is essential to consider the type of stairs built inside your house. Compared to straight stair lifts, the curved stair lifts tend to be more expensive since they are specially designed for curved angles.

An entry level stair lift on average will cost about $2000 new.  Less expensive lifts usually only accommodate basic straight stair ways.  Expect to pay $4,000 for a curved stair lift that requires custom built rails.

Stair lift buyers guide

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