Warranties vary by manufacturer, and they also vary by the component. Most manufacturers specify a longer warranty duration for drive parts and a shorter warranty for other parts. We reviewed the advertised warranties from a selection of manufactures, see below for a full list. AmeriGlide offers the longest warranty at 10 years and ThyssenKrupp offers the shortest warranty at 2 years.  A review of BBB complaints found that only 2 manufacturers had warranty related complaints, Acorn and AmeriGlide. In both instances Acorn and AmeriGlide resolved the complaints.

You should review the following key points regardless of the listed warranty:

  • If the stairlift is battery operated, how long are the batteries covered and what is the suggested interval for replacing the batteries?
  • Does the warranty also cover technician time and materials?
  • Does the warranty cover in-home repair or do the components need to be shipped out for repair?
  • What maintenance is required to ensure full coverage of the warranty?

Warranties by manufacturer:

AmeriGlide: 10 years on the drive train, 5 years on components
Bruno: 5 years on major components, 2 years on parts
Stannah: 5 years on the gear box and motor, 1 year on all other parts
Sterling: 5 years on the gear box and motor, 1 year on all other parts
Summit: 3 years on components, 1 year on the battery, lifetime on the gear rack
ThysesenKrupp: 2 years

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