Difference between stair lift cable and gear drive types:

The two most popular stair lift drive types are rack and pinion and cable. There are advantages and disadvantages to both lifts.

Rack and Pinion chair lifting equipment

Rack and pinion stair lifts have many components, which often leads to more maintenance. While many high quality lifts are designed with this type of gear drive, you will need regular service and maintenance to keep the gears lubricated as well as adjustments to the gear teeth. This will cost you additional money in order to keep the lift in good working order.

Cable Drive chair lifting equipment

Cable lifts are designed so that the cable does not move out of place, never needs lubrication, and does not rub against itself.  This results in a safe, quiet, and maintenance free drive train. The cable is often made of steel, and can support large amounts of weight.  The stop mechanism is not as smooth as a rack and pinion lift, but can support more weight.

More tips on selecting a stair lift

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