Ebay is a great tool to use when buying a used stairlift; keep in mind a few simple things. One measure your distance if you have a short distance you may want a ramp. To far of an expanse and you should consider an elevator.

The two types of stairlifts are Straight rail and a curved rail this is pretty straight forward. Straight rail units are for linear distances you will need one that fits from the top step to the bottom give or take 4”. Curved Rails these generally are not easy to retrofit, be careful when buying a used unit.

These both run on two different motors, determine if you want a stair lift with or without a motherboard. Motherboards are a bit nicer and quieter;be aware that this will eventually wear out and need to be replaced at an additional cost. If you do not have a motherboard; the system will run on a drum and cable drive system this is just as efficient as a motherboard system. The later system tends to be a bit bulkier in design and somewhat louder.

While shopping for your system on ebay make sure to ask dimensions, weight limit and type of motor.  Also be sure to ask whether this system comes with a warrantee and guarantee. When considering pricing take into account the shipping cost; this is and area where price gauging can occur. Just like all internet purchases, research before you buy.

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