Purchasing a new stair lift can be a confusing matter, purchasing a used stairlift on craigslist can be even more confusing.

Determine the type of stairlift you need, straight or curved

Measure your stairway

Search craigslist for stair lift or stairlift. Stairlifts can be listed in many different categories, you should search all of the categories to find every listing.

  1. Look for stair lifts that are still assembled and functional. It is easy to test an assembled stair lift and next to impossible to test a disassembled stair lift. You can purchase a disassembled stair lift but make sure to account for all of the pieces and parts.
  2. Find out when the battery was replaced, if it has one. The battery may need to be replaced if the stairlift has not been plugged in or if the battery is older than 1 year.
  3. Find out how much use the stair has. Was it used daily for 2 years or occasionally once a month for 1 year? You can purchase a heavily used stair lift, but you may be better of with a lightly used stair lift.
Is it still under warranty? Is the warranty transferable?

There are usually pretty good deals to be found on craigslist, just make sure you understand what you are getting into. You should also browse the stair lifts listed in our classifieds section.

Do you have a question about stair lifts? Ask a question in our Questions & Answers section. There is no registration required and it will take less than a minute.

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