Perch stair lifts, also known as standing stair lifts, are designed for users who have trouble bending at the knees or who generally have trouble sitting. Perch lifts are not as popular as stair lifts, so fewer companies provide perch stair lift models.  The following companies offer perch lifts: Meditek, Minivator, and Acorn.

Some models are chair hybrids. The seat either folds up to allow standing, or the seat is not as deep to allow the user the option of sitting.

Overall perch lifts are great alternatives to stair chair lifts for those in need of a standing option, although they lack some of the safety features. Perch lifts typically do not have lap belts. There is not much to stop the user from falling forward. Perch lifts may not be the best option for users who have trouble supporting themselves.

Try before you buy. Make sure a perch lift fits your needs before committing to a purchase.  Look for a stair lift showroom in your area that offers perch lifts.

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