Stair lifts should improve your quality of life. Follow these safety tips to ensure they are safely used.

Installation. It is preferable to have a stair lift specialist install the stair lift for you. Some companies offer Do-It-Yourself (DIY) models that are easy to install. If you cannot afford a professional installation then choose  DIY model and hire an experienced handy man. Take a look at these stair lift installation videos to understand the process of installing a stair lift.

Safety Features. Make sure to read the manual to make sure you understand how to use all of the safety features of your stair lift. All chair lifts should have a seat belt, make sure to use it every time.

Obstructions. Make sure the stair way is free of obstructions before every use of your stair chair lift. It is also a good idea to train family pets to stay away from the stair lift during operation.

Key. Most stair lifts will include a key, required for operation. It is a good idea to keep the key away from any children in the home as stair lifts.

Grab Rails. Grab rails are suggested at the bottom and the top of the stairs. They shoudl be installed on the opposite side of the stairway to provide assistance with accessing the stair lift.

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