What should my asking  price be?

The used value of a stair lift tends to be 50% or less than the original retail price. You should base your selling price on similar stair lifts found in the local classifieds or on sites like craigslist or ebay. Take into account the wear and tear of the stair lift when comparing your stair lift to others. A stair lift with less use will sell for a higher price.

Will you be listing the stair lift on Craigslist or Ebay?

Where to sell your stair lift is also an important question. We offer a classifieds section, free of charge, to help you sell your stair lift. Craigslist (craigslist.org) is usually a good place to sell your stair lift in the US. It is free to list and can typically yield results in a few days, if you keep your price low. Make sure to include a picture of your stair lift when listing on craigslist. Ebay is another popular option for selling stair lifts. Pictures are important on Ebay and a good description is even more important. Think about offering to ship your stair lift when selling on Ebay as it increases the market for your stair lift. Make sure to get a quote from a shipping company if you are not going to limit the sale to pick up only.

Do you have a straight stair lift or a curved stair lift?

Straight stair lifts are the easiest to sell as they are fairly universal. Adjusting a straight stair lift is a matter of removing or adding rail.  Custom and/or curved stair lifts can be very difficult to sell. Curved stair lift rails are typically built specifically for the stair case they are installed in.

Do you live in a rural area?

Selling a used stair lift in some rural areas can be next to impossible. The best advice for sellers in rural areas is to find out if any of the stair lift dealers in larger nearby cities either purchase used stair lifts or sell used stair lifts on consignment.

Donate your stair lift if selling becomes a hassle

You may want to donate your stair lift if it becomes too difficult to sell it. Aside from the tax write off, there is no money in donating your stair lift. The real value in donating a stair lift is knowing that it ends up in the home of someone who needs it.


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