Is your stair lift beeping, and you are unsure why? Odds are your stair lift is powered by a battery. There are two common reasons for a beeping stair lift that is battery powered: Either the battery is under voltage, or the stair lift is not on a charge point.

By far the most common reason for beeping stair lifts is an under voltage battery. Most battery powered stair lifts will periodically test the battery for a specific voltage. When the battery is under the factory specified voltage the stair lift will beep to notify the operator, and hopefully spare them from being stranded on a level of their home.

On some models the fix for an under voltage battery is as easy as moving the stair lift to a charge point on the rail. Some models only charge the battery when the stair lift is positioned at a charge point. Review the stair lift manual to determine if your stair lift has a charge point. Your stair lift battery may need to be replaced if the charge point is not the issue. Contact your stair lift dealer for replacement batteries. Press the emergency off switch to temporarily silence the stair lift if old or faulty batteries are the issue. Keep in mind, your stair lift will not operate when the emergency off switch is pressed.


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