Trying to decide if you should  repair a stair lift yourself or call the repair man?

Check your warranty

Always check to see if the warranty is still valid before attempting a repair. Why try to fix it yourself if it still under warranty? Warranties can vary greatly between manufacturers.  Warranties typically last at least 2 years, with exclusions. Warranties typically only cover parts and not labor for the repair. Your warranty may also exclude batteries or malfunction of parts resulting from abuse, misuse, overloading, or lack of proper maintenance.

Source your parts

Stair lifts are not the most complex piece of equipment. Common stair lift repairs can be performed by the mechanically and technically inclined. Finding stair lift parts you need can be a more difficult task.

Common repairs

The most common repair calls for a stair lift are for uncharged batteries. Make sure to check your batteries for a charge prior to calling for repair. Another common repair item is faulty safety switches. Check your manual for the location of safety switches on your stair lift.

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